Saturday, June 4, 2011

Magic Love Crow's ACEOs arrived!

Hi everyone! I'm so excited, I have to share these with you! I know some of you know Stacy and know how wonderful her ACEO's are !!!! For all us Pow Wow goers, aren't these just the cutest ever?!!!!! THANK YOU  STACY!!!!!!


  1. Big Hugs Debbie! This is so kind of you! I am so happy they went to a great home, where they will be loved!!!!

  2. They are amazing! It seems that Stacy is making many lives lovely; I just got a couple of amazing babies too!

  3. These are just gorgeous, so happy those little pow wows - LOVE the colour combos too!!

  4. Anyone who loves Stacy's wonderful crow paintings, especially her baby crows, is someone I would like to follow :)
    Your carved rocks are gorgeous!!!

  5. Stacy, thanks for saying they are going to a good home, you are as sweet as your little baby crows!!

    Magaly,"amazing" it the perfect word!Its so fun wondering what the winged babes are gonna be up to next!

    Shelle, yep, yep, yep, happily dancing to that lil' drum!!!!!( I love the colors too!)

    Jan, WELCOME!!!!! So glad you stopped by!!!Yes it seems there is alot of us in love with Stacy's baby crows, irrisistable!!!! Thank you so much for the compliment on the rocks!!!!

  6. Aha! now I know who got these fabulous ACEOs, lol! I saw them, and quickly checked her Etsy to see if they were available. These are simply adorable, great purchase!