Thursday, June 9, 2011

Little Crow

Hello everyone! I've been busy over the weekend carving a new rock and painting a new ACEO and I thought I'd share them with you here since they are already sold. ( Can you guess who bought them and why? Thank you Stacy!). Both of these are a design from a large watercolor painting I did in the 80s for my friend, brother and spiritual mentor Little Crow. He died quite a few years ago but his teachings and fond memories still lift my heart today!


  1. Deb! All I can say is I Love Them!!! Part of my heritage is Native American and your artwork is stunning!!! I love visiting your blog!

  2. Yeh, these are my babies ;o) I can't wait to get them, when the strike is over!!! You did an amazing job Deb ;o) And, they mean a lot to me, because of your friend who passed on! Hugs My Friend ;o)

  3. Hey Deb, you should do PPF? Shelle keeps telling me about it and finally, I am doing it this week!

  4. Hey Jan, me too, my aunt says Iroquois!( a long way from California,lol ).Thanks for your kind compliments,you are a sweetheart! I love visiting your blog too!!!
    Hugs, Deb

    Stacy,my dear friend,thank you!I just knew you would feel a connection with Little Crow. I wish you could have known him too!!!! I'm gonna go check out Shelle's sight and see what PPF is all about right now!