Friday, October 28, 2011

Paint Party Friday and Mary's Graces Givaway!

Whew, what a week! Sorry I missed everyone, but the overtime at work ( 9 hour days) is cutting into my painting and blogging time ( the extra money will be nice for the holidays though !). I might have to cut PPF down to every other week for a while. And now for something completely different, my first give away, yipeeeeee!!! It will be for our group site " Mary's Graces" , and it is a 3x5 embellished print of my watercolor aceo entitled " Mary Of the Earth" . So keep checking over there for details ( I don't think it is up yet but should be soon) or if you'd like you can mention here in the comments that you want to be entered and I will pass the info on to Mary's Graces. For all you fellow reptile lovers, I promise to get back to the little lizzies we all know and love so well next time. Happy PPF everyone!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Magaly's All Hallows Grim Party and Paint Party Friday

Who's that flying beneath the moon
on her itty bitty tiny broom?
It's Geraldine Gecko can't you see
the greenest little witch to be?
Children scurry from her wicked sight
as she hovers over the lake at night,
holding a pumpkin in her hand
small as a wedding band.
Her cauldron contains an evil brew
that'll stick to you like super glue.
It's Halloween, yep, that's the day
when Geraldine Gecko hunts her prey.
She'll slime you silly, then leave you in stitches.
The wildest of reptilian witches!

Double the fun this week! Be sure and check out Magaly's All Hallows Grim Party ( click on the sidebar icon!) where the wickedest of witches are running wild, kackle, kackle! And our paint party is now over 70 strong so get in on the excitement and happy blog hopping!  This should take us all week for sure! Yipeeeee!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Paint Party Friday Skink Close Up

Wow everyone has been leaving such great suggestions. I want to try them all !!! And I can now because I got ink in the printer, yipeeeeeee! I really like the idea of making a shadow under him to make him pop out. I need to practice first though to see if I can pull it off without ruining the painting so no promises yet,lol! For now I will just show a close up of some of the details I did this week. It was bugging me that his head wasn't as pointy as in the original photo so I fixed that. Then I started putting scale designs in his tail. This painting has a long way to go still so I think I will start posting other things in between just to change it up a bit. Like, next week is Magaly's All Hallows Blog Party on Oct 13 ( see sidebar!) so stay tuned for Geraldine Gecko on her broomstick!!!! Happy PPF everyone!!!!